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Since 1998, Worthington Aviation has been supplying spare parts, repair programs, aircraft maintenance services, and aftermarket product development and support, catering to the global aviation community. The Flex LT utility seats are the most recent aftermarket product development. These seats are now being introduced to the Caravan market where operators demand flexibility in the interior of their aircraft to accommodate the everchanging load demands throughout the day.

Worthington has been servicing regional, corporate, and light utility aircraft for over 20 years, with strategic locations in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. Our multiple departments and subsidiaries offer total customer solutions and support with 24/7 AOG capability, all aimed for a quick response time and the fastest delivery possible of spare parts to anywhere in the world.

In 2018, both Worthington Aviation and Worthington MRO Center joined the Stratus Aero Partners family, enhancing their global aviation after-market solutions provider. Together they work in partnership with customers to deliver aftermarket parts and service solutions all while setting a new industry standard for total quality support and services.

Supplying the Demand

Utility Seats Built for Any Mission

Caravan operators have asked for years, “Where can I find seats?” Factory seats are old, heavy, impossible to collapse, and difficult to store in the aircraft while it is on the move. Aftermarket seats also have limitations, whether it is construction quality or storage challenges. Decades of hearing about these negatives inspired Worthington to take action. In 2016, Flex LT as we know it today, was an idea tucked away in a notebook waiting for the right time to take shape and in 2021 Worthington made the Flex LT utility seats a reality.

Designed for Caravan operators who demand a wide range of flexibility when it comes to their aircraft’s seating and storage capability, Worthington proudly offers Flex LT, a utility seat that meets the everchanging configuration demands faced throughout the day by Caravan operators around the world. Using the latest technology, this is the most durable, versatile, and light-weight seat ever produced and it is now available in the marketplace.

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